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Welcome to Lappin Septic Service!

IOWPA Members, BBB Accredited, A+ Rated, Homes for Heroes Affiliates


Friends of Heroes

We appreciate our Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military (Active, Reserve & Veterans), Healthcare Professionals and Teachers, and offer discounts for pumping, and repairs to show our thanks!

Septic Pumping & Cleaning


Recommended every 3-5 years, periodic septic tank pumping (starting at $325) can save you thousands on repairs and sewage backups and tens of thousands on system replacement!

For our standard tank cleaning service, we pump out your tank, backflush (rinse the sludge out) at least once, and as many times as needed to clean the tank top to bottom. We do a visual inspection of the baffles, tank, and on newer systems we pull and clean the outlet filter. All included in our starting price of $325

Septic Tank Riser Install 

Never dig your lid or pay $$$ to have it dug again!

Septic Tank Riser Install
Septic Tank Riser Install
Septic Tank Riser Install

Do you know where your septic tank access lid is? Are you tired of digging it up or paying to have it dug up every time you need your tank pumped? We have the solution! Install a riser to bring your lid to ground level and stop breaking your back or your wallet digging it up. 


Keep your septic system flowing.


Beyond the septic tank is the distribution box. The starting point of the leach field. It connects a series of underground pipes together and evenly distributes waste water into the drain field. If the box, pipes, or leach field gets clogged the tank will overflow and worse case scenario, the toilets stop flushing and sewage backs up in the house.  With our compact excavator, sewer camera, and hydro-jetting equipment, we can locate the distribution box, excavate and flush out the distribution box and leach field, and check for blockages or other issues causing your system to backup.

Filter Cleaning Service Plans

Never have a septic backup from a plugged filter again!

Plugged Septic Outlet Filter
Outlet Filter Removed and Cleaned
Septic Tank Being Cleaned

Did you know most septic tank outlet filters need to be checked and/or cleaned twice a year? A clogged septic filter can cause the septic tank to overflow, sewage to back up into your home and pool above your tank. Toilets won't flush, and drains won't go down. It can turn into a nasty and expensive mess very quickly. Sign up for our $80/visit service plan and we'll come out every 6 months to clean your tank filter. Even though cleaning the filter is a fairly straightforward process, It can be a gross job. And regular filter cleaning is often times forgotten. So if you don't want to deal with the mess, we will! 


Started in 1987 by Phillip Lappin, and carried on to the second generation by his son Benjamin, Lappin Septic Service Inc shows no signs of stopping!  

We are one of the most trustworthy septic companies in north central Indiana! As members of the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association, BBB Accredited A+ rating, we are your go to septic pumpers in St. Joseph, Marshall, and surrounding counties. We strive to provide prompt, professionalism, quality, friendly service, efficient work practices, and affordable prices. We schedule all customers promptly. We stand behind our work 100%. Just check all our 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook! When you schedule service the owner is who shows up. If you're looking for a family ran septic company to treat you like our own, you have come to the right place! 

Why is our truck called the Honey Dipper? Back in the early days before indoor plumbing and vacuum trucks, a horse drawn wagon went through town collecting toilet buckets from outhouses, also called "honey buckets" due to the honey colored liquid emptied from them. The carriage was known as a "honey wagon" and the person driving it the "honey dipper". Another version of this nickname is from the method of using buckets to remove or "dip out" the waste from inside septic tanks before the use of vacuum trucks.

Have questions? Want to schedule service or get an estimate? Contact us!

We are available Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm. Closed on weekends and most holidays.

Call or text 574-784-2484

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Lappin Septic Service Inc

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